How To Take Care of Your Children’s Teeth

Kids should learn how to take care of their teeth as early as you can teach them. Since children are easily enticed by sweet foods, they are prone to plaque, cavities, and tooth decay. Good dental hygiene is important to their overall well-being, too. Thus, showing them how to take care of their teeth at a young age will help them achieve this. Ideally, you should schedule a visit to the dentist once your child reaches 1 year old. Family dental care services from sites like, caters to every family member:

Here’s how you can help your children take care of their teeth:

Start early during infancy

Dental care should start even before their first tooth erupts. You should start taking care of your baby’s mouth before they start teething. To do this, you can use a clean and soft cloth. Dampen it with distilled water and gently run it over their gums. This will help prevent the presence of bacteria in their mouth.

Brush teeth as soon as it erupts

When a tooth has fully erupted, you can start brushing their teeth with an infant toothbrush. You can either use a toothpaste or not. If you decide to use toothpaste, use only a small amount, about the size of a rice grain. You can also continue using the damp cloth method if your child still has two to three teeth.

Take them to the dentist

Dentists recommend taking your child for a check-up as soon as they turn 1 year old. The dentist will give you proper tips on how to take care of your child’s oral hygiene. They will also demonstrate the proper flossing and brushing techniques. There might be an examination of your child’s teeth but it’s nothing complicated. Check out this family dental care that specializes in taking care of children’s teeth:

Teach them how to swish and spit

Children around the age of 2 can already be taught how to swish and spit. You can brush their teeth and teach them to do so. Be careful not to give them a lot of water to swish since they could accidentally swallow it. Let them swish small amounts of water first as they are still starting.

Supervise them while brushing

When your kids are about 3 to 5 years old, they can already learn how to brush on their own. However, they still need your supervision. Kids these ages can still accidentally swallow toothpaste, so it’s better to watch them while they brush.

Limit their sugar intake

To help avoid cavities and toothaches, limit the amount of sugar that your kids eat. Sticky and sweet foods are the number one culprits of cavities. Candies, chocolates, and gums can stain their teeth, erode the enamel, and encourage bacterial growth. Have them brush or rinse their teeth every time they eat to prevent this.

When it comes to dental hygiene, practicing at an early age will help instil good habits in your children. This will help prevent painful toothaches (very common among kids) and other oral problems. Choose a family dental care clinic that can take care of you and your kids oral health. Visit Qualiteeth Family Dental Care’s website here:

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