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Asbestos was identified as being a hazardous substance for humans some years ago and after that every industry has been trying its best to avoid the usage of this material in their workplaces. The construction industry is one of the major users of asbestos in many forms. The recent issue of a major children’s hospital in Perth being found to be suspected of asbestos being present and the subsequent audit clearing the suspicion could be a case in point. The hospital, constructed 18 months back, is still to be commissioned because of these issues. In fact, there are some lead contamination issues freshly raised on this particular hospital. There are ways to ensure that people are not exposed to such hazards and the asbestos audit Queensland inspectors conduct is the best way to detect and remove any kind of presence of asbestos in any premises.

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Why and how the audit is conducted

Wondering why one would want to test or conduct an asbestos audit now when as mentioned above the substance has been found to be hazardous some years ago and banned from usage? Well, the answer is, there are buildings still standing with asbestos in them. These buildings can be both residential and commercial. These might have been built before the knowledge hit the world that inhaling asbestos-laden air for prolonged periods could lead to cancer. Naturally, if people had known it, then they would not have used it. Secondly, there could be many items in construction that contain asbestos as an additive, or that the supplier has failed to report that the product has asbestos in it. All these cases can be detected by taking a sample of the items in your building and then doing the appropriate test.

You can collect the sample or call the executive

The asbestos audit Queensland agency can provide you with the step by step instructions to collect the sample from your place if you have a suspicion and wish to get it tested. But the safer method is to call the agency and ask them to send their representative to come and collect the sample and let you have the report after testing it in their dedicated laboratory.

Other related services

This testing of the materials whether your building has asbestos presence is only one part of the services the asbestos audit Queensland agencies offer. They can help you with an ongoing air monitoring service where they will make periodical visits to your place and check the air quality and detect if there are any traces of asbestos in it. The best asbestos audit Queensland agencies even offer training in this field. If you are running an industry in a building that is fairly old and without demolishing the building, still want your employees to remain safe, you can get some of your people trained on the air monitoring. This will ensure that you need not be calling up the agency that conducts asbestos audit Queensland wide to keep doing the audit frequently. That could be done between longer intervals. At the end of the day, staying safe from the hazards of asbestos is critical.

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