Getting started as a trail biker? Here’s how to give yourself a great start

Trail biking is basically you and your bike against the rugged terrain. The bike’s performance is merely half of the job. Your rider’s mettle can help you navigate your Cannondale Cujo 1 or Trek Fuel towards the end of the trail.

Almost every biker remembers the first challenging terrain—across a stream that leads to a trail with rocks and loose gravel.

If you’re still excited about your first one, here are the best ways to get yourself ready for it:

  1. Gear up accordingly.

Aside from getting a decent mountain bike, it also matters what you wear and what you have in your small biker’s bag. Get well-fitting jersey from any Wedu shop. Choose your biking shorts carefully. Always prioritize function and comfort above style. Use comfy gloves and bike shoes. And most importantly, get some durable bike helmets.

On top of these wearables, have a basic bike repair kit with spare tubes, portable multi-tool with chain tool and wrench, CO2 inflator, and some extra gears. Check it out at Mellow Johnny’s

  1. Be consistent with your workout and cross-trainings.

Trail biking is a physically exhaustive sport. Although biking events are usually held every week, it’s wise to workout during the weekdays.

You can go for swimming, running, deadlifts, and plank variations. These exercises will build your leg and arm muscles while helping you maintain your core muscles for balance. With the right exercise, you can maneuver your Cannondale Cujo easily on the trail.

  1. Join a biker’s group.

Being in a biker’s group gives you a wealth of resources about the ins and outs of the sports. You can ask where to get affordable gloves sale online. As you interact with pros, you’ll also know the best trails for different skill levels.

  1. Be willing to train more.

Especially if you’re looking forward to join MTB competitions and events, you need to be ready for intensive training. For a start, learn the basics of tinkering and repairing your own bike. Then know how to avoid or minimize the impact of falls. With these insights, you can keep yourself and your Cannondale Cujo 1 in the game.

  1. Aspire for mental and emotional toughness.

Many people consider trail biking as a dangerous and extreme sport. And for good reasons. Riding on loose rocks, gravel, uneven terrain, and the uphill trail isn’t for the faint of heart. Besides, the dangers of blind curves and cliffs are always there. So as you begin your journey as a trail biker, learn to embrace your fears.

Make this your fuel to practice and learn some advanced skills. Doing this helps you build your confidence. In no time, you’ll be fine with riding just any bike, be it a Trek Fuel Ex 8, Pinarello Dogma F10, or Cannondale Cujo 1. And you’d be more eager to tackle more challenging trails.

Trail biking might be a challenging sport. But it never fails to excite those with brave spirits. If you feel like you’ll love this sport, just be fully ready. And always remember that success on the trail is 50% your power and 50% your bike’s performance. At Mellow Johnny’s Bike Shop, you can find almost everything you need to get started, be it jerseys, bikes, and helmets.