What to Consider When Buying a Roller Door?

When it comes to garage doors, roller doors are one of the best, most popular, and top-selling options.

One reason why they are so popular is that they can be operated with ease. They are also made with durability in mind and come in a variety of powder-coated colours. However, garage door manufacturers Melbourne has today are also coming up with various profiles for unique looks.

If you are planning to buy this kind of garage door but don’t know where to start, then this article can help you a lot.

Listed below, are the most important things that you need to consider when buying a roller door.

1. Price

Since they have different functionalities and designs, roller doors greatly differ when it comes to price.

If you’re in a tight budget, obviously, you can’t force yourself to buy expensive models. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find a model that you can use for a couple of years. In fact, today, there are lots of sellers that offer a good quality roller door that is available at affordable rates, like ecogaragedoors.com.au.

However, if you have a more flexible budget, you can always opt for a more expensive one, but make sure that it is worth the money. Nevertheless, garage doors Melbourne prices have today also differ.

2. Warranty

The vast majority of manufacturers back their products with a standard warranty. Usually, the warranty replaces worn or broken parts.

But, keep in mind that some brands, particularly the cheaper ones, might not come with a warranty which is not a good thing.

That said, you should always ensure that the seller or brand you are considering offers at least a marginal warranty to change the item if something happens.

roller doors

3. Material

Like a carport garage door, a roller door is also made using different materials. In fact, this also makes choosing the best one a bit confusing.

As a general rule of thumb, if you’re living in a place that has a humid environment, then you should for aluminium. This material is resistant to corrosion, making it suitable for this kind of environment.

But, if you want to choose from a wide variety of colours, consider steel roller doors.

4. Durability

Most of the time, the door of your garage is exposed to harsh abuse, like children hitting the surface or lawn equipment and cars hitting it.

With this in mind, we highly recommend that you invest in models that are durable as well as thick enough to withstand such forces.


For every homeowner, purchasing a roller door can be a huge decision. This is because it can protect the valuables in your home. That said, your decision to purchase must be taken seriously.

Make sure that you check the product you are considering before buying. In this way, there is a higher possibility that you will NOT end up with a roller door that has poor quality.

Hopefully, that with the help of this guide, you will find the best option possible.

Priceless benefits roller garage doors will offer you

When it comes to garage doors, you will have many options to choose from. That is why finding the right one for your home can seem like a challenging task. However, there is one option that will be worth the investment—roller garage doors Melbourne homeowners choose. As you can see, these garage doors will offer you a lot of benefits that others do not have.

Here is why these garage doors might be the perfect choice for you:

A higher level of security

Your garage is one of the areas of your house that burglars use as access points to enter your premises. Fortunately for you, THE garage door manufacturers Melbourne has today ensure quality in their products. You can guarantee that they will secure the places in which they are installed.

Besides, modern garage doors already have innovative security features that make it difficult for criminal minds to break into your home. For example, they come with alarm systems that alert you if unwanted force is applied to the door.

Space-saving movement

Unlike swing doors, these garage doors move vertically, so there is no need for a horizontal space for swinging. You can also maximise the space inside your garage, since you can park your vehicle right up against the door.

When these doors are rolled up, your garage’s drive-through height is maximised, and you can free up overhead space that is free from obstruction.


Most roller garage doors Melbourne homes use today are automated and are controlled with a remote. This provides you with a higher level of convenience in entering and exiting your home. You do not have to get out of your vehicle when you leave or arrive home.

Aside from this, there are garage doors that come with a connectivity feature. Through your smartphone, you can still operate then even while you are away. This is handy when you want to grant access to relatives who visit unexpectedly or if you just want to double check whether you have properly closed the door or not.

Better insulation

Modern garage roller doors Melbourne has today are created with good insulation properties that not only maintain comfortable temperature levels inside your home but also keep unwanted noises outside.

This is especially helpful if you decide to use your garage as a working space, game room, or any other type of space where you will stay for long periods of time.


Old garage doors were an eyesore that detracts from the overall look of a property. However, today, modern designs are created with aesthetics in mind. They can even boost the kerb appeal of your home.

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When you buy and install a roller garage door, you will have the peace of mind that you are making a wise investment for the long run. Not only does it look smart, but its functions will make your life more convenient.

Now, for quality roller garage doors Melbourne has to offer, you can check out EcoGarageDoors. They have garage doors that fit your home no matter what design it has.

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3 Potential Skylight Issues and Their Solutions

There are areas in your house that will benefit most from natural sunshine. In some cases, home contractors neglect the value of natural lighting when building houses. The size of your property can likewise restrict the amount of sunlight. One option is to set up Velux roof windows for natural light to enter your home.

Velux roof windows were originally installed in a Danish school more than 75 years ago. Today, these products are sold in over 40 countries. They do not only offer roof windows but other product like shutters, thermal panels and other decoration and sun screening.  Allowing natural lights inside your home can really offer brilliant advantages to your whole house, specifically if you take advantage of skylights. Whether you are planning to use Velux roof windows or vented skylights, natural light offers excellent benefits to your home.

Before you set up roof windows, take note of these potential skylight issues and their solutions. These will provide you with ideas on how to keep your skylights in fantastic shape: 1. Getting Too Hot and Heat Loss — Comparable to windows, heat will escape your home throughout winter season or enter during the summer at a much faster rate. This happens when you choose a vented type of skylight. To resolve this concern, opt for skylights with sensors to automatically close the roof windows. You can also choose polycarbonate aerogel insulated skylight to prevent unnecessary heat loss or heat gain.  2. Leaky Skylights — A lot of leakages on roof skylights happen around the flashing. It is hard to discover a leakage because they are slow. You will only notice the leak when the frame starts decaying and the drywall buckle and bends. Routine evaluations from professionals might help avoid this issue. One technique to prevent this is by using a reliable brand like Velux skylights Melbourne contractors currently offer. You can pick the Velux deck and curb with a 10-year guarantee on item and setup. Enjoy sunlight throughout the day and see the stars at night with a relaxing mind. 3. Wear and Tear — Many skylights nowadays utilize deck seals, adhesive underlay, gaskets and flashing. That is why it is very important to keep an eye out for wear and tear as these things might establish issues over time. What you can do is to re-seal and re-flash to repair issues like water dripping. Good thing that Velux skylight windows have a 10-year guarantee coupled with their trademarked Deck Seal Advancement that enables you to enjoy your skylights without fretting about possible leakages. Skylights improve the natural daylight into your home’s spaces and areas. Aside from being helpful for your family in regards to performances, Skylights function as a huge plus for your home’s aesthetic appeals. Companies like Velux offer the item and setup services in affordable plans. To be on the safe side, ask for an expert’s suggestions before installing a Velux flat roof skylight. It would be creative to have actually specialists established skylights in your place. Have a look at https://www.skylights-online.com.au/product/openable-roof-window/ to learn more.