Why you should follow the prescribed maintenance schedule of your vehicle

When you purchase a new car from a dealership, you will be advised to have your vehicle checked regularly. This can be when you reach a few thousand kilometres or when you’ve had your vehicle for a few months. For vehicles manufactured by Kia, for example, the kia servicing schedule is at every 6,000 kilometres or every 6 months, depending on which one comes first.

kia servicing schedule

It has also been mentioned by many car experts and dealerships that your maintenance schedule will depend on what type of vehicle you have.

For example, the Kia Optima service schedule that car owners follow is dependent on what parts of the vehicle need maintenance. At 7,500 kilometres, it is recommended that you bring in your Kia Optima to have their tyres rotated and the oil changed. At 15,000 kilometres, it should be brought in for a filter change along with the tyre rotation and oil change.

What good things do you get when you follow proper car maintenance schedule?

There are many good reasons why you should always follow your schedule for vehicular maintenance checks. Here are some of them:

  • Damage can be prevented – When you are told by your dealer when to come in for your Kia recommended maintenance checks and you fail to do so, problems with your vehicle may arise. You may find yourself facing issues with your car that could have been found and prevented during your scheduled check.
  • You keep your vehicle’s value high – When you religiously stick to your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance, you will also prevent the fast depreciation of your car’s value. Regular checks keep your vehicle in tip-top shape and keep your car’s price at a higher level than those that don’t go through regular maintenance. So, if you decide to put up your Kia Grand Carnival for sale, you can get a good price for it since you took good care of it.
  • You avoid constant repairs on your car – As mentioned earlier, regular maintenance will help keep your car from deteriorating and suffering from serious damage. This is because of the fact that any problems will be caught early on. This means you won’t have to worry about the need to buy Kia parts for your car anytime soon, since there won’t be a need for repairs.
  • Keeps your ride safe to use – Another important reason why you should keep to a proper maintenance schedule is to ensure that your ride is safe for you and your passengers to use. When you neglect to have your car checked according to schedule, something may go wrong which can jeopardise your safety and the safety of those riding with you while on the road.

Sticking to your maintenance schedule is something you should never ignore. Some people think that it is just an added expense without really considering the pros and cons of ignoring the scheduled maintenance their dealer put their vehicle on.

You save yourself the time and hassle of needing to have your vehicle repaired when it breaks down. You also ensure that your car is still covered by its warranty since not doing the scheduled checks usually voids this.

Kia recommended maintenance service schedules depend on the kind of Kia vehicle you have, so it is a good idea to ask a trusted Kia dealer, like https://toowongkia.com.au/scheduled-kia-servicing/, for information on this. You can email them about this concern or you can visit their site and find out for yourself by chatting with one of their specialists.