Aftermarket Products You Should Get After Buying Your Car

Now that you have just bought the beautiful i45 for sale you’ve been eyeing for long, you need to consider the aftermarket products that you can add. There are two major categories of aftermarket items and one is those products you get offered by a dealership while purchasing the car. The other aftermarket products are those you buy on your own for personalizing your new ride.

Below are different aftermarket products that are usually offered to you be dealerships when buying a Polo for sale or any other vehicle. Depending on your specific requirements and situation, some of these might not be worth purchasing.


Even if you may never need it, insurance is always worth it. Further, all car owners in Australia are legally required to have CTP insurance (also known as a green slip by NSW residents). Extra car insurance is not compulsory but is recommended.

You have the option of choosing between different insurance types and providers, which is why research is critical before picking a policy. Licensed car dealers may offer you insurance as part of the car’s offer.

An extended warranty

If you are purchasing a new car or newer Mitsubishi Outlander for sale Gold Coast used car, confirm if it is covered by the factory warranty and ask if you can pay for an extended manufacturer’s warranty. While a good warranty may be pricey, it is something worth getting.

For a highly reliable vehicle like a Ford Trader for sale QLD may have, consider foregoing the purchase of an extended warranty. Instead, put the money towards regular servicing and maintenance to keep it running smoothly for several years. See more at Scenic Motors

The service contract

While service contracts are like a warranty, they offer different benefits. A service contract is a sort of insurance policy that helps absorb the pain of costly or unexpected repairs. However, make sure that you understand all the details about the cost, what it covers, possible deductibles, and other contract terms.

Protection against theft

Depressing as it is to think about it, the fact is a vehicle is stolen every 10 minutes Australia – grim statistics. Before you drive your Hyundai i45 for sale out of the dealership’s yard, have it marked with special markings. These markings help deter thieves from stealing the vehicle and helps the police track and return it to you.

New technology

When purchasing a used car, you will notice that it lacks some of the newer technologies, but most of them are easy to install at incredible prices. For instance, you can install tire pressure monitoring, head-up displays, or even a rear-view camera in your used car.

A trustworthy dealership

The staff at Scenic Motors are always ready to help you acquire insurance, theft protection, service contracts, and even technologies that you can install in your car. While some aftermarket products are an option, they help protect your purchase but never feel obligated to purchase them unless you need them to meet your requirements. To find out more about budget-friendly deals on Hyundai i45 for sale and others, visit the website

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